Following surgery done by Dr. VanFleet, you may be prescribed exercises shown below. If you happen to attend Physical Therapy following your procedure, your exercise program will be tailored to your specific impairments and/or condition.

Supine march with abdominal brace

Actively contract your abdominal muscles by pressing your lower back into the surface you are laying on. With your knees bent, slowly raise your knee toward your chest while maintaining contact between your lower back and the surface you are laying on. Alternate from right to left leg. His exercise helps promote core stabilization.





Cat/camel stretch

While on your hands and knees, raise up your back and arch it toward the ceiling like an angry cat. Then return to a lowered position (shown in the photo) and arch your back the opposite direction. This exercise helps stretch the lower back.





Prayer stretch

Start in a position on your hands and knees. Slowly lower your buttocks toward your feet until you feel a stretch in the lower back or buttocks. This exercise helps stretch the lower back.





Standing lumbar extension stretch

Standing with your hands on your lower back, slowly lean back and extend your spine within your pain tolerance. This exercise helps improve tolerance to a standing/upright position.