Orthopedic Center of Illinois has provided a list of what you should bring to your first appointment.

For your first visit to the Orthopedic Center of Illinois, you will need to bring the following information to facilitate your appointment:

Paperwork: We’ll ask you to complete a brief patient history questionnaire to help us to get to know you. We will use this information to help formulate a care program to address your condition or injury. Our staff will help assure that your insurance billing is as painless as possible.

Patient History Form
Financial Policy

The paperwork we will need includes:

  • Patient’s Social Security Number
  • Insurance policy holder’s Social Security Number
  • Insurance policy holder’s date of birth
  • Insurance card or copy of both the front and the back of the card
  • Insurance referral if required by your insurance company ‑‑see our list of companies
  • List of medications the patient is presently taking
  • If you are being seen for a work-related injury, you need to obtain a letter from your employer stating that this is a work-related injury; the letter must include a billing address
  • Any X-rays you have had that pertain to a possible injury.
  • Possible additional paperwork. You can find these forms on the web page of the physician you will be visiting.

Time: During your first visit, you should plan on spending extra time in our office to discuss your medical history with our staff, as well as any recent health problems or accidents that are causing you to suffer from pain.

Consultation:You’ll meet a Board Certified orthopedic doctor or specialist who will review your health history and determine if you have a condition that is an Orthopedic Center of Illinois case.

Examination:A variety of standard physical and orthopedic tests will be performed to determine the exact cause or causes of your problem.

X-Rays: Only necessary views may be recommended to visualize the location of any bone, joint or muscle problems and make your care more precise.

Recommendations: Before proper care can be rendered, an orthopedic specialist or Board Certified surgeon at OCI will study the examination findings. This may include X-Rays while you are here. Because we have our in-house radiology department, those will be viewed at the time of your appointment. If further diagnostic testing is required, you may be scheduled for an MRI. On your next visit, you will review the doctor’s findings and get specific care recommendations for minimally invasive surgery, interventional pain medicine, and/or physical therapy.