At The Hand Center at OCI, we specialize in minimally invasive, open and arthroscopic procedures for the reconstruction or repair of fingers, wrists, hands, and elbows.

Arthroscopic surgery typically has a much faster recovery period than open surgery and leaves almost no scarring. An arthroscopic wrist, elbow or shoulder surgery can be done on an outpatient basis, avoiding a stay in the hospital.

Our OCI specialists are highly trained and experienced at performing arthroscopic and open procedures on the hand, wrist and elbows, as well as joint replacements of fingers, wrists, and elbows. The surgeons at the Hand Center specialize in the treatment of common problems of the hand and elbow including fractures, nerve issues, arthritis and tendon issues.

This Center of Excellence works hand-in-hand with OCI Imaging at OCI to capture digital x-rays and images for an accurate diagnosis of what ails you, and with OCI Therapy at OCI for occupational therapy and physical rehabilitation, and The Injury Center at OCI to get you back to work quickly after an injury. All services are in one location, for your convenience.

Common procedures performed at The Hand Center at OCI include:

Carpal Tunnel Surgery:

Compression of the median nerve at the wrist is common, and is called carpal tunnel syndrome.  It causes numbness and tingling of the fingers. If non-operative care fails or the nerve is severely compressed a small minimally invasive surgery will help relieve the pressure on the nerve.

Cubital Tunnel Surgery: Compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow is also common. There are a few excellent options to treat this compression and relieve the pressure on the nerve. We can help decide with you which treatment is best.

Trigger Finger Release:

A finger that locks down can be a big problem in doing everyday activities. Many times an injection can resolve the issue. Other times a small minimally invasive surgery to release the tight tunnel is required to resolve the locking.

Wrist arthroscopy:

Wrist arthroscopy is a powerful tool for diagnosing many common wrist problems. Similar to the other arthroscopy procedures, a small camera is inserted into the wrist joint and the joint surfaces and ligaments can be examined. Many treatments can be delivered via this method. Things such as ligament debridement or repairs, removal of cysts, and even realignment of a fracture can all be performed or aided by wrist arthroscopy.

Elbow arthroscopy:

This procedure is similar to shoulder arthroscopy. A tiny scope is inserted into the elbow joint through small incisions. Arthroscopy is most often used on the elbow to remove loose fragments of bone or cartilage or smooth out irregular surfaces caused by arthritis. Inflamed and degenerative tissue can also be removed.

Thumb Basal Joint Reconstruction:

When the joint at the base of the thumb is severely arthritic and can’t be improved with non-surgical treatment, you may need a joint reconstruction. There are a variety of surgical procedures used but most involve reconstructing the ligaments of the joint and removing the arthritic joint. 85 to 95% of patients who have had these surgeries report excellent pain relief and improved grip strength.

Hand and Wrist Fractures:

Broken bones in the hand, wrist and forearm are very common and proper treatment is essential. We provide expert evaluation and treatment of these fractures (broken bones) whether it is with casting, splinting or surgical repair. If surgical repair is necessary we used the latest technology with locking titanium plates and screws. As well as the current state of the art fracture fixation methods.