How Do I Register?

Get Started…It’s as Easy as 1,2,3!
  • Obtain a PIN during your visit or by calling in. The PIN will either be printed during your visit or sent to your email.
  • If you received your PIN in office, click Sign In/Register above and fill out the simple form.
  • If you receive your PIN through email after calling in, click the link in the in the e-mail you receive, enter the PIN given by FollowMyHealth in the email, and accept the agreement to authenticate your account. (The email will come from Check your SPAM folder)

You will then receive two emails: one welcoming you to FollowMyHealth and one confirming your connection with the Orthopedic Center of Illinois.

What Is FollowMyHealth?

FollowMyHealth is a free, online tool that provides anywhere, anytime access to your personal health records and enables you to take a proactive role in managing your care.

Features & Benefits

FollowMyHealth gives patients more control of their care:

  • Review clinical summaries online in a safe, secure environment
  • Communicate privately with physicians via secure messaging
  • Update health information (allergies, medications, conditions, etc)
  • Request Rx refills
  • Request or change appointments
  • Download or print data
  • Available 24/7


  • Choose and maintain a secure password
  • Change your password frequently
  • Saving personal health data to a computer or mobile devices increases the risk of others accessing your information
  • OCI is not liable if your privacy becomes compromised  through accidental sharing of personal records described above
  • OCI reserves the right to suspend or terminate a patient portal account, or modify available services.

FollowMyHealth should never be used to report a medical emergency. In the event of an urgent medical concern, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.