General Orthopedics

“Dr. Senica listened to my questions. In the short time I was there, I had x-rays, saw the doctor who saw the x-rays, and got an injection. I am impressed with my experience.” ‑ Susan C., Taylorville, IL

“I was very impressed with the Orthopedic Center ‑‑ everyone was really friendly and efficient!” ‑ Nancy B.

“What I observed was a smooth- running “machine” ‑‑ with a lot of personality and professionalism!” ‑ Dennis G.

Total Knee Replacement in Both Knees by Leo Ludwig, MD

“Because of my orthopaedic care, I can now play baseball (real baseball!).

“I play in the Roy Hobbs World Series in Ft. Myers, FL. In fact, I’m a catcher, one of the team’s leading hitters, and actually the player/manager of our team. In 2010 we won the World Series in our age bracket (65 and over). Going to Las Vegas next week to play in another baseball tournament and getting ready for the next World Series in November ‑ all on two new pain-free knees!” ‑ Ron Michaelson, Springfield, Illinois

Joint Reconstruction Center at OCI

“Dr. Ludwig answered any questions I had and carefully explained the procedure for hip replacement. I felt at ease facing surgery and during the follow-up examinations. I was vey satisfied and glad I chose OCI.” ‑ Connie R., Jacksonville, IL

“Dr. Ludwig listened carefully about my injury in order to direct me to a recommendation for a positive outcome. Thank you!” ‑ Elizabeth K.

The Spine Center of Illinois

“I was really hesitant about back surgery before I went to the Spine Center of Illinois. Finally, my pain became too much to bear. They made me feel so comfortable and were confident of the outcome. I had surgery on a Thursday, was home on Friday and back to work a week later. I noticed immediate relief and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” ‑ Beth K., Springfield, IL

Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center at OCI

“I came to the Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center at OCI to see Dr. Idusuyi. He was very prompt and respectful of time. Furthermore, I was very pleased with the time he spent with me and how thoroughly he answered all of my questions. Since my foot surgery, I’m finally living pain-free!” ‑ Tonya M., Chatham, IL

“I used to wait at my former doctor’s office anywhere from 1-3 hours. I only waited about 5-10 minutes to see Dr. Idusuyi.”‑ Tonya M.

The Fracture & Injury Center at OCI

“My son fractured his wrist during P.E. Dr. Mulshine said he had a displaced fracture that needed surgery, called Dr. Herrin who was already in the surgery center and asked if he could add on a case. We were out of surgery and back home in time for dinner. The care we received from everyone was excellent. I am so glad that we were able to walk in to the Fracture Center instead of going to the ER!” ‑ Laurie R., Taylorville, IL

“Dr. Herrin was very willing to answer all my questions; I didn’t feel rushed like I do with other doctors…” ‑ Mrs. S.

Midwest Imaging at OCI

“I was in extreme pain and it was very difficult to get me in the MRIs and X-rays. They worked with me with painstaking patience and kindness to get what Dr. Romanelli and Dr. Williams needed.” ‑ Marcia T., Springfield, IL

Midwest Rehab at OCI

“Dr. Allan and Dr. Mulshine meet the definition of ‘professional’. My care in their capable hands is nothing short of miraculous! Having Pat Townsend and Theresa Walz for PT is an extension of the same type of care. The cooperation of this OCI team is the reason that 1 year after my accident (shattered ankles, both knees and right hip) I am walking, working and well on my way to being 100% healed. ‘Thank you’ seems like such small words to express my gratitude.” ‑ Bill S., Springfield, IL

The Injury Center at OCI

“If you ever have an emergency, I would highly recommend OCI. I had an injured worker that required immediate attention. He smashed his finger in between two slabs of concrete. I was able to get my employee immediate treatment by the staff at OCI and a referral to an orthopod to repair a fracture. They treated my employee quickly and returned him to work. They made a bad injury tolerable with their guidance and expertise.” ‑ Kevin Greenfield-Owner, Sebens Concrete, Decatur, IL

“We had a crew working on a roof when one of the roofers shot a nail gun through his leg. We all kind of went into a panic state of what to do and where to go, but then I remembered that OCI had an Occupational Medicine program and specializes in injury care and treatment. We rushed my worker over to the clinic where he was given immediate attention and the nail was removed. I couldn’t believe how quickly they took care of us and how well we were treated. I would recommend OCI for all your occupational needs.” ‑ Randy Doty, Supervisor, Top Quality Roofing, Springfield, IL

Hand Surgery to Relieve Arthritis Pain by Christopher Maender, MD

“Because of my orthopaedic care, I can type, open a jar, and generally live my life without pain!

“In April 2010, Christopher Maender performed surgery on the joint at the base of my right thumb. For years, I could not perform my job using a computer, without pain. I believe Maender removed the “saddle” bone at the base of my thumb, which was extremely damaged by arthritis, rerouted some tendons to support the thumb, and now I’m good as new, with full mobility in my hand. I wish I had had the surgery a few years earlier…but Maender and I tried everything, including corticosteroid injections, leaving surgery as a last result. If I’d known how easy the recovery process would go, I would’ve pushed for the surgery much earlier. I was diligent with the physical therapy, and I believe that that very much contributed to the ease in recovery and the overall success of my surgical procedure! Maender was a life-saver, and I would recommend him to anyone having hand issues!” ‑ Becky Neuses, Springfield, Illinois

Hand & Shoulder Center at OCI

“I live in Alaska and went to see a local orthopedic surgeon for my shoulder. When he told me he wasn’t good at scopes and wanted to just do a replacement, I thought I needed a second opinion. After chatting with my brother who lives in Beardstown, Illinois, he said Dr. Maender at OCI was the best you could find. He was right. I now refer to him as ‘Golden Hands Maender’. Since my shoulder surgery, I haven’t had any pain and my recovery was a cinch. I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough!” ‑ John K., Sterling, Alaska

“My son, Chase Finks, had surgery on his shoulder. The service, attention and professionalism were unbelievable! The genuine kindness and concern shown by everyone was amazing. This isn’t the way the American medical experience works. We were extremely grateful for the care he received. We will tell everyone about the experience we had here. Your facility and staff stand as further excellent reasons to recommend to those who use your facilities and staff. Please don’t change a thing.” ‑ With our sincere thanks, Tom Finks