Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted System

The Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted System allows surgeons to treat painful knee conditions with precision and more accurate implant alignment. Mako’s pre-operative, computer-assisted 3D planning allows surgeons to evaluate the bone structure, alignment, joint space and surrounding tissue so that they can plan the location, select the appropriate size and ensure proper alignment of the implant.
In the operating room, the robotic-arm system provides real-time data to the surgeon. This allows continuous assessment of ligament tension and range-of-motion during implant placement. In addition, the real-time data collected through Mako technology can reduce blood loss which is attributed to a number of factors including a smaller incision and decreased soft-tissue trauma. These benefits potentially eliminate the need for routine post-operative monitoring and post-procedure blood transfusions, all factors which could lengthen hospitalization.

Gordon Allan, M.D. is proud to be the first physician to bring this innovative procedure to Central Illinois. Dr. Allan is the only surgeon in Springfield who is trained to perform this type of full knee replacement procedure; he has performed hundreds of surgeries prior to now with Mako robotic assistance.

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