COVID-19 is entering its community spread phase into our back yard. COVID-19 is penetrating the fabric of our society and creating havoc within our economy. It is a highly contagious virus that likely will affect many of us.

Recently, one of our employees tested positive for COVID-19.  Contraction of the illness outside, as well as inside of our entity is entirely possible. The employee who tested positive works in physical therapy. Therapy is in a separate area from the rest of our building. We have spoken to the employees that work in close proximity to the affected individual and contacted those patients treated.  We deep cleaned the physical premises of the area in the way that the Center for Disease Control specifies. For this reason, we closed therapy for a day. We would never sacrifice the safety of our employees or our patients. We are physicians and swore to protect the ancient Hippocratic oath; “first do no harm”. For us, it is imperative to continue to provide the essential orthopedic care that our patients deserve.

The Orthopedic Center of Illinois has been at the forefront of this community contributing to best practice medicine in order to prevent infection by use of hand hygiene, social distancing, patient screening, cleaning, employee screening, and minimizing exposure to travel all done to limit the chance for illness.  For the sake of the community’s health and the preservation of personal protective equipment (PPE) we have closed our ambulatory surgery center. The safety of our patients, employees, and families has been of paramount importance to the physicians of OCI now and during the 48 years of ongoing service to this community.

Thanks, and please stay healthy!




Timothy A. VanFleet, M.D.
Orthopedic Center of Illinois President